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Tree Cabling, Tree Bracing, and Tree Supports

Cabling and bracing is the process of improving the structure or safety of trees through temporary or permanent cabling systems.

At Lemur Tree Care we like to assess the whole situation prior to attempting corrective measures like tree cabling or tree bracing. Depending upon the makeup of your property and the species of trees planted, the use of metal or synthetic wire can help repair or improve the structural integrity of your trees. Cable systems are usually attached to bolt that are installed in the upper crown of a tree. These cable systems are designed to limit movement of supported branches and prevent them from failing during severe weather.

Tree cabling can also be applied to newly planted trees as a way to train them to grow properly and ensure that they are structurally sound. Cable systems should be monitored periodically to ensure that they are aiding in the trees overall health and structural integrity.

If you are looking to hire a quality arborist to provide tree cabling or tree bracing for your trees, consider Lemur Tree Care for this and so much more. Contact us today.

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