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Tree Removal

Tree and stump removal is the process of removing trees or stumps to improve the safety, health, and aesthetics of the surrounding area.

At Lemur Tree Care, tree removal is a service we offer but don’t emphasize as our main goal is to keep your trees healthy and safe. If you call us to remove a tree, we first like to get to know the reasons behind this decision before we get to work. Common reasons to remove a tree are that the tree is dead or dying and has become a hazard to your property, or you are looking to provide more light and space for the vegetation around the tree, you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your property, or the tree has to be removed to allow for new construction.

If there is concern over the health of the tree, we can inspect the tree and provide services like deadwooding or cabling as a way to put your mind at ease and keep the tree thriving for years to come. Just because a tree is hollow, does not necessarily mean that it is dangerous to your property. It might still have full structural integrity to live a long and healthy life.

When you hire Lemur Tree Care it as though you hired a set of tree detectives. They go to work assessing the tree, they determine the species and look for any signs of decay, infestation, or wounds that might be compromising the structural integrity of the tree. If corrective measures can be made we will recommend them first before providing the tree removal service.

If we have to remove a tree, we do it with the utmost care and keep safety as our number one priority. We want to remove the tree safely and leave no trace. We provide extensive clean up of debris and try to minimize the impact on the surrounding vegetation.

This care for the surrounding environment isn’t always handled the same way from job to job. We have a breadth of logging equipment including our grapple saw crane that can get to your tree without leaving huge ruts in your yard. If you examine our before and after photos of successful projects the only difference is that the tree is gone.

If you are looking to hire a quality arborist to assess and provide the best solution for your property, consider Lemur Tree Care for tree removal and so much more. Contact us today.

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