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Tree Safety Consultation

A tree safety consultation involves inspection and evaluation of individual or multiple trees to create a process of improving safety or health of the surrounding area.

Does the old oak tree keep you up at night as you hear the wind blowing the branches around? Are you looking to improve the curb appeal of your home but not sure how to get the best bang for your buck? Do you have a neighbor that insists that your tree is a hazard to their home even though it is structurally sound? At Lemur Tree Care, we offer our expert advice for when you are unsure of what to do with a tree on your property.

A tree safety consultation puts your mind at ease as our expert arborist will come on-site and listen to your needs, and concerns, evaluate the condition of the trees on your property and provide expert advice for the best proactive approach for your situation. We are in your corner and want to provide you with the best information so that you can make an informed decision for your property.

If you are looking to hire a quality arborist to assess and provide the best solution for your property, consider Lemur Tree Care for a tree safety consultation and so much more. Contact us today.

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