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Emergency Tree Services in Mifflinburg, PA

Emergency Tree Services in Mifflinburg, PA

Emergency Tree Services

When severe weather strikes, trust that Lemur Tree Care is available 24/7 to help you get things back to normal. We are just a phone call away to help remove storm-damaged trees that have fallen resulting in damage to your home or property.

Also, should the trees on your property survive this round of storms, it might be a good opportunity to call on our expert arborist’s to ensure that they are still structurally sound. Severe weather can cause irreparable damage to your tree’s structural integrity. Rely on the expertise of Lemur Tree Care to ensure that your trees are made to withstand whatever mother nature has planned.

Please call Lemur Tree Care at (570) 880-0808 should you need emergency tree removal services.

Mifflinburg, PA

We are proud to serve Muncy, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas in Central Pennsylvania. Mifflinburg is a borough in Union County, Pennsylvania, United States first settled in 1792 by S. Lulis and Catharina Jungman (Youngman) and their two children. They divided the land into 60’ by 120’ plots that were sold to other adventurous settlers, many of them German, and the village of Youngmanstown was formed. A few years later George Rote (Rhoade) laid out a village just east of Youngmanstown, known as Greenville or Rotestown, after George’s death. Eventually, the two settlements merged at Third Street. In 1827 the two villages combined and were incorporated, the combined village was named Mifflinburg, in honor of Thomas Mifflin, the first Governor of Pennsylvania after the 1790 Constitution. Historically the town was known for the manufacture of horse-drawn vehicles, known as buggies.

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